John Amaral has a unique approach to teaching soccer using what he has termed the “Natural Soccer Training Method.” With a Master’s degree in Education and over 40 years of soccer coaching and playing experience at every level (Youth – Professional) John Amaral’s method and approach to teaching the game of soccer has made him a sought after coach in the US and around the world.

At the Amaral Soccer our motto is, “Train like the Pros with the Pros.” Now we know that every soccer company promises the same thing and offers all the bells and whistles. So what makes Amaral Soccer different? The difference is  that we are willing to show you that were the best and prove it to you. We offer FREE Clinics to any team or player that wants to see what we offer or that needs a little bit of help. We are a business that is trying to sell a product that can only be experienced. This is why we want you to see us in action and experience the natural soccer training method. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and will leave feeling like a better player or team after one training session.

Get A Taste of “The Natural Soccer Method”

soccer playersAmaral Soccer is willing to travel to any location in the U.S. We bring a skilled staff with us to every clinic. Depending on the number of players or teams will dictate how many staff members we will bring. Its important to us to make sure there is the right amount of staff to player ratio, so that each player can get specialized training. Amaral Soccer has all the latest equipment to meet any need and we are willing to come lend it out during our clinic to help the players truly train like the pros. Every team has their weakness. We can target that weakness and in our clinic we will help train the players to become better in that field. Below in this article is a list of programs that we offer at clinics and we often mix and match the programs to hit exactly what the coach is asking for or what we think the team needs. Training like the pros is our mentality and we offer nothing short of that.  

Programs Amaral Soccer offers for various styles of Clinics based on Coach’s or Players needs.

Below are some of the objectives you can expect to achieve when booking a clinic with the Amaral Soccer Academy.

Increase team fitness and stamina through sport specific conditioning while using a soccer ball.

  • Specific team fitness training tactics
  • Increase speed
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase power on ball striking skills

Polish players touch and timing through dynamic skill development

  • Increase ball control
  • Improve dribbling, heading, trapping, passing, striking, shielding, fainting, and turning skills
  • Teach how to play with composure
  • Teach how to change speeds to gain an advantage on the field

Coaches learn our team play using the most up to date tactics

  • Offensive Tactics
  • Midfield Tactics
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Specialization including direct kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, and set plays

Skills we can work on as a TEAM.

  • Shifting as a team
  • Taking space away from the opponent
  • Creating space on offense
  • Switching the game
  • Transitioning from defense to offense using diagonal runs, square runs, and the breakaway pass
  • Transitioning from offense to defense by shifting, taking the space away from the opponent, and double teaming.

If You Would Like Amaral Soccer To Come Do A FREE Clinic For Your Team Please Email Us at or fill out the information below:

  • Amaral Soccer needs to know how many players will be attending the clinic so we can bring the right amount of staff and equipment.
  • Here you can put down anything you want your team be specialized in. You can also add any information you think we should know. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have.