Scholarship Program

Coach Amaral came from humble beginnings and through hard work he had great success on the soccer field and in school allowing him to become a very successful soccer player, teacher, coach, and mentor. Now in retirement, he is giving back to a game that has given him much through his summer camp program.


Coach John Amaral

When Coach Amaral started the Amaral Soccer Academy he wanted to make sure every player, who loves soccer and who dedicates themselves in the classroom, that wanted to attend his summer camp would be able to attend regardless of their financial background. It was for this reason that Coach Amaral has always offered partial scholarships for his soccer camps. In the past five years Coach Amaral has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to players who have demonstrated their love for soccer, their success in the classroom, and their financial need.
Coach Amaral believes that every young soccer player should have the chance to attend his summer camp, but he also believes each player should invest in themselves, therefore so he offers many scholarships, but never does he offer a full scholarship. Many young players have had paper routes, done tag sales, mowed neighbor’s lawns, and have taken on odd jobs to pay for their portion of camp. If Coach Amaral is going to invest in a player, he wants that player to also invest in themselves.

If you think you meet the qualifications of the Amaral Soccer Scholarship program please fill out the form below.

***This years Scholarships have been awarded  and the program is closed for the season. Congratulations to all of the campers who have received a scholarship to attend one of the camp weeks this summer!***

Coach Amaral’s goal is to help young people develop as soccer players and as young people ready to succeed in life. He understands that camp is a major investment for families and for many an investment that is not possible given their financial situation.