Goal Keeper Program

At the Amaral Soccer Goalkeeper Academy the players will train with professional goalkeepers who have played at the highest level and know how the pros train to become elite level goalkeepers. Here are some highlights of our goalkeeper coaches:

The Basics

  •  Improve Footwork and quickness
  • Work on Angles and Positioning


  • Polish Basic Catching skills
  • Develop hand strength
  • Work on Cushioning the ball
  • Improve Catching High Balls and Crosses


  • Collapsed Dives
  • Extension Dives
  • Advanced Diving

Uncatchable Balls

  • Parrying the ball
  • Punching the ball


  • Basic Breakaway Principles
  • The Sliding Save


  • Throws
  • Kicks – Drop Kick and Punt

 Advanced Tactics

  • Setting Walls
  • Corner Kicks
  • Back Passes


  • Reaction Drills
  • Pressure Training
  • Games & Team Training
  • Communication with teammates
  • Controlling the defense
  • The Psychology of Goal Keeping