What is Natural Soccer?

natural soccer
Have you ever tried to learn a language from a book? Frustrating – YES! Unsuccessful – YOU KNOW IT! This is what happens when the wrong teaching method is used to learn a complex subject…… Well learning the game of soccer in such a way that the player is prepared to react to any game situation when the game is on the line is complicated. Today many young soccer players are experiencing frustration learning the game of soccer. The problem is that many young players are being trained like robots using a static approach to learning the game. If you have ever been at a youth practice you know exactly what we are talking about. Many youth practices consist of drills where players stand in lines with little emphasis on skill development or tactical play. Without knowing what to do, the coaches have the players shoot at the goal or scrimmage. The result is frustrated and unprepared young soccer players. Coach Amaral with over 40 years of soccer coaching and playing experience from the youth to the pros has developed a training program called the “The Natural Soccer Training Method” “Natural Soccer” is a training program designed in such a way that Coach Amaral identifies a player’s natural tendencies, instincts, and abilities and creates a specific program to help them develop into an elite player. Through clear demonstrations, visualization, and imitation players learn the game of soccer with fluidity and simplicity so they have the ability and confidence to react to any game situation. Players learn how to play their best, with confidence and poise, when it matters most! The “Natural Soccer” training method has allowed Coach Amaral to help players from all over the world reach the elite college and professional levels including:

HouserChris Houser “The Undertaker”

  •  NCAA National Champion
  •  Member of the US National Senior Amateur Team
  •  Played for the Tampa Bay Mutiny
  •  Drafted in the 2nd Round

SaarioTina Saario

  •  Played for National Team of Finland
  •  Played FC Puistola
  •  Turned pro at the age of 19

LauvikHege Lauvik

  •  Played for the National Team of Norway
  •  Played in the First Division in Norway
  •  Played Professionally